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Are you looking for a way to increase the growth of your Digital Business? We believe that the quickest way to create a long-lasting, sustainable evolution in your business is to create a LASTING transformation from within yourself…

Your Business is an extention of you.

Your thought patterns, the concept you hold of yourself, and the behaviors and discipline you have or don’t have is what ultimately generates results (or a lack of) in your Business. NOT the actions you take.


Have you ever worked REALLY HARD only to get little to no results? We’ve all been there.


Contrary to what Society has taught us…money, clients, customers, they don’t come from your actions. They come from the foundation of who you’re BEing when taking action in your business.


So if you’re taking action and simultaneously doubting yourself, or allowing fear to be the dominant vibration in your body while attempting to build a business, then you’re going to end up with the results of someone who’s doubting, fearful and anxious in their body.


Mushrooms, when used intentionally for personal growth and evolution, can assist us in identifying limiting patterns of belief & behavior, and help us bring awareness to these patterns so we can dissolve them.


They can help us gain clarity and focus, which then enables us to apply discipline and install new habits of thinking, doing and being.


THIS…is the recipe for success in your Online Business!


In today’s digitally connect world, people are lonelier than ever before. Research has shown that people who have close friends and meaningful social connections live a longer, heathier life. Being on a Spiritual Awakening Journey doesn’t make it easy to connect with others and it can be hard to find like minded friends. Have you ever felt like no one around you truly understands you?


So if you’re someone who’s tried various Personal Development programs in the past with little to no results, you’re craving community and accountability, then you’re going to get a TON of value from this Membership and we can’t wait to learn more about you and your goals!


We’re dedicated to sharing everything we’ve learned and experienced on our own healing journeys, building businesses, being parents, sustaining a happy relationship, and optimizing our health & fitness on this medicine path.

A Monthly Microdosing Subscription

Each capsule is filled with our signature Brain-Building Nootropic Mushroom Blend, lovingly prepared in an Intentional + Conscious setting. Our capsules + chocolate receive a Heart Chakra Soundbath and Energy Cleansing before departing to your home!

Affiliate Program

Monthly Subscribers have the opportunity to generate $25/mo per referral (subscribers are subject to Affiliate approval process)

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